I'll take a side order of this thanks. ⚓️ 175m yacht concept named ACIONNA 📐

Perfect Oxford Shoes

Morning - 🏔 Reaching new heights with the 2018 Continental GT Bentley

Girl watching.

White Jeans: They're bang on-trend for summer, and ridiculously easy to pull off, it doesn't matter if you make a living flipping burgers or running a hedge fund. Every guy can (and should) have a pair of these things at his disposal.

While they’re a straightforward garment to wear, swimming trunks do require a certain level of discernment.
The Beatles in Miami, 1964.

Anyone who commits to something before proofreading it.
Whether it's a text, a tattoo, or a tweet, triple-checking your grammar is something you will never regret. Not checking it, however...

♠️ We all need a James Bond girl 👀

Can't remember the house number.

Lapel pins aren’t meant to be distracting—they’re a touch of dandy, a small way of keeping your suit from looking like one of the Mr. Anderson drones in The Matrix

You've got to be trolling me.
Wasn't the thing with trolls that you were supposed to rub their belly and then you get a wish or something? I'd rather go wishless than put hands on this work of art, thank you very much.

Just because your wearing a green suit and brown tie doesn't mean you can hide in the bushes. You look ridiculous standing there mate.

Morning guys.

It's going to be a long walk home: Porsche Mission E, 1-10...

The first step in building the confidence to be "that guy" is to buy a hat that's made with integrity. We also like a hat that walks the line between winter and summer in mood, and looks like it's been bouncing around a tour bus all summer.

You know what comes with the sun? Burns, lots of them.....

The perfect look for a Monday chill.